Top San Francisco Driving Schools

Ann's Driving School
Ann's Driving School is located in the sunny South Beach area of SOMA. Our customized programs are designed to help desensitize special needs drivers to anxiety caused by weather and road conditions. We now offer online driver's education, with a course approved by the DMV!
Location : San Francisco, CA
Phone : (415) 777-8666

Apex Driving School
We are trained to observe what type of mode works best for you, and teach to your strengths. Just as important, we emphasize methods that reinforce correct driving techniques. This nonjudgmental, scientific approach to teaching creates a relaxed atmosphere that nurtures your growing confidence.
Location : San Francisco, CA
Phone : (415) 252-7760

Guerrero Driving School
The Guerrero Driving School is a family owned and operated business, teaching safe defensive driving successfully since 1986 in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The Guerrero Driving School provides the best quality service with friendly, patient and professional instructors, licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles of California.
Location : San Francisco, CA
Phone : (415) 282-8746

Rivadavia Driving School
For 20 years we have specialized in defensive driving instruction and nervous individuals. Our fine service is an expression of the genuine care we have for our students.
Location : San Francisco, CA
Phone : (415) 647-2605

Eagle Driving School
At San Francisco Driving School, we are committed to "First in Safety". We want every one of our student to drive defensively and skillfully.
Location : San Francisco, CA
Phone : (415) 566-6600