Top San Diego Driving Schools

Teen Driving School
We provide online driver education course that is approved in California. When you complete this course, we will mail to you DMV accepted driver's education completion certificate.
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (619) 282-7900

All City Stick Driving School
All City Stick Driving School is the only driving school in San Diego that offers stick shift training! But, of course, we teach you to drive an automatic if you prefer. We give you personal, hands-on training at your convenience.
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (619) 302-9290

AAAffordable Driving School
We offer a California DMV approved online driver education that will fulfill your mandatory California Driver's Education requirement. A AAAffordable Driving Schools Online Drivers Education program meets the California DMV’s Drivers Education requirement for minors.
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (619) 281-2600

Allstate Driving School
Founded in 1998, Allstate Driving School has graduated over 20,000 students in the San Diego area. Our mission is to provide our customers with superior service. Allstate Driving School's business has grown over the years through referrals due to its excellent reputation for providing high quality driver education training.
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (858) 565-0088

Budget Driving School
Budget Driving School has been offering driver education since 1980. Our online driver education course is very similar to the one offered live in the classroom, except that the online drivers ed course is full of flash and animations to make it easier to understand.
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (619) 476-9999