Top Philadelphia Driving Schools

Right Way Driving School
We offer driver's training in Philadelphia and Delaware counties, as well as a driving test pickup service where we will pick you up from your home and transport you to the DMV office so you can take your driving test using our vehicle.
Location : Philadelphia, PA
Phone : (215) 463-5760

Paus Drive
Our proven system of driver education actually enables you to learn faster, with special emphasis on defensive driving and accident avoidance. We are frequently cited as one of the leading driving schools in Pennsylvania. Our parallel-parking method will amaze you from your very first attempt.
Location : Philadelphia, PA
Phone : (610) 352-0510

Accurate Driving School
Our driving courses are geared toward the comfort and safety of the student. Our instructors understand that students learn best when they are under the least stress. During our relaxed sessions, students learn to drive on the highway, drive in traffic and parallel park.
Location : Philadelphia, PA
Phone : (215) 338-8120

Pennsylvania Driving School
Pennsylvania Driving School is proud to offer driving instruction in Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery Counties. With half of our staff retired from the Philadelphia Police Department, we can offer you instructors with experienced and first hand knowledge of defensive driving practices.
Location : Philadelphia, PA
Phone : (215) 464-1855

ABC Driving School
The people of Philadelphia including the Pennsylvania Department of Education have trusted the easy as ABC Driving School for 16 years with the task of teaching safe, defensive driving skills to their children, friends, spouses, police academy candidates, and others from many walks of life.
Location : Philadelphia, PA
Phone : (215) 483-8202