Top Boston Driving Schools

Sonia's Driving School
Sonia's Driving School offers a comprehensive driver training program that ensures teens have the skills they need to survive on today’s roads and make the new driver experience easier and less stressful for parents. Our only goal is not to produce licensed drivers, but also safe, confident drivers.
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (617) 569-0200

American Driving Institute
A-L&L Driving Academy, is a specialty auto school driving lessons and safety training establishment that provides driving instruction and driving lessons to individual students age 16 and up.
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (617) 361-3661

City Auto School
The mission of the school is to teach students how to drive safely, to obtain a driver's license effectively and to assure students of their driving skills.
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (617) 269-6288

D & D Auto School
D & D Driving School has provided defensive driver training in the Hometown area for twenty-five years. Our in-class and in-car sessions focus on defensive driving skills, accident avoidance techniques, and traffic rules and regulations.
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (617) 426-3959

T-Guide Auto School
We have recently been crowned the #1 Driving School in teaching new drivers. We reached this goal by working with teenagers and adults to become a more skillful, knowledgeable and collision free drivers.
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (617) 792-3426